Brief History Chalimbana University

Chalimbana University, formerly National In-Service Teachers’ College (NISTCOL), whose history can be traced as far back as 1930, is aptly described as one of the earliest teachers’ colleges offering both primary and secondary education. It is today striving to be a comprehensive university that combines the finest attributes of world class education, research and community service. The academic strength of the university is grounded in a wide range of outstanding programmes of which each is set to achieve excellence. The university is taking even greater advantage of its distributed strengths while facilitating innovations and creativity as it strives to address the issues brought out in the 7th National development plan. NISTCOL was pronounced a university by the Zambian government in 2011, but transformation into Chalimbana University in 2013 through the statutory instrument Number 111 of 2013. This was followed by the inauguration of Chalimbana University Council by the then Education Minister, in the same year. Consequently, the institution commenced degree programmes in addition to the Diploma courses that were already being offered. In 2018, UNZA management moved in to help transform the university following the directive from the Ministry of Higher Education. In this regard, the new management has created nine schools.

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Chalimbana University, Private Bag E1, Lusaka, Zambia.